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Fantasy Star MatchA fun matching games for casual ga...142711 plays
Bricks BreakingThere is a grid of bricks of diffe...14468 plays
Classic PacmanPacman classic game5679 plays
Sky MadnessIf you enjoyed the Airport Madness...3545 plays
Flower ReactionExplode maximum of flowers5661 plays
Bubble MadnessDon't let the bubbles grow and bur...3771 plays
ComaHelp Pete find his way through a m...2220 plays
Bob & Sam in EgyptA very addictive game with many le...263933 plays
SandDropsCollect sand drops in the desert w...71680 plays
Ladybug BombStop the ladybugs!! Plant timed bo...16996 plays
Bubble Crunch
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